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30th May 2013

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a modern teenager would instantly see it for what it is wipe their butt with the disc.
— On Masculin Feminin

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30th May 2013

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I thought there would be a competition between the sexes but alas it was nothing of the sort.
— On Masculin Feminin

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1st March 2013

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He’s trying SO HARD to show how OH SO DIFFERENT he can be!! and it stinks!! and Karina? why would she be considered a ‘beauty’ whose eyes?
— On Band of Outsiders

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18th February 2013

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To anyone who claims to actually like this film: GET OVER YOURSELF!! For normal, well adjusted, intelligent people who do not feel a pathetic need to fit in with pseudo-intellectuals and pretentious artistic wanna-be’s: Ne perdez pas votre temps avec ce film. (Don’t waste your time with this flick.)
— On Breathless

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4th February 2013

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When an old f..(art) Jean-Luc Godard (which actually never created anything talented) creates such c..(rap) with his own excrements - it is disgusting and not worth money spent on electricity for running it. What a shame - what a naked and ugly figure, which is our own creation - shame on us! If anybody says what it is really - the humanity will be much more honest.
— On Film Socialisme

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