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11th November 2013

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EMO Bond
-On Skyfall

EMO Bond

-On Skyfall

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7th June 2013

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the villain, Silva, is a ridiculous cartoon character. I do have to admit being fascinated with his strange hair, which didn’t compliment his skin tones even remotely
— On Skyfall

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3rd March 2013

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I have no idea what the writer was trying to invoke with his/her constant references to aging, apathy, relevance, etc. - really depressing stuff for an action movie.
— On Skyfall

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13th February 2013

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James Bond would not play Texas Hold’em. Way to try and capitalize on the bandwagon of Texas Hold’em players. Honestly, how many college students are out there a playing Texas Hold’em while drinking vodka martinis? May as well change the catchphrase to “Budwieser, bottle not tap.” It completely ruined the film. And what happened to the naked lady opening sequence?
— On Casino Royale

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